022 >>> „Porotherm 2006“ / economic single family house for four inhabitants
year] >>> 2006
type >>> dwelling / single family housing
location >>> wherever in Czech Republic (EU)
team >>> Tomáš Král, Irena Šebová
(my) position >>> team member
site area >>> 1000 m2
date >>> 04 / 2006 - 05 / 2006 competition entry
status >>> competition - submitted

House for an imaginary four member family on an imaginary lot. We chose a roughly 1000 m2 large area as a ”typical building ground” with an “ideal” south facing. We want to design a house with a minimal footprint and garage inside without any exterior “appendices”. In this way, to save the largest area possible for a garden, because of the fact that the garden makes a house more valuable than just a“large-size“ apartment.
Outer wrap “box” of the house has an 11x11 groundplan. The interior space organization is inspired by Loos´s “Raumplan”. Particular floor levels are“shifted“. We put the accent on the neighbouring of all rooms among each other or at least to offer visual contact. We wanted thus, to allow better contact between family members.The area of the interior spaces is inscribed in facade. The construction consist of reinforced concrete slabs and and ceramic-blocks walls.
© 2009 Tomáš Král