026 >>> Nursery school - „house over house“ to be built over an existing built up area in Prague
year >>> 2007
type >>> education
location >>> Zlatnická ulice, Prague 1, CZ (EU)
team >>> Tomáš Král
tutor >>> Jan Šépka, Petr Hájek / design studio Šépka - Hájek
school >>> Faculty of Architecture, CTU Prague
date >>> 10 / 2006 - 01 / 2007

Proposal concept for a nursery school = fancy sky castle. There can be seen only slidden circular desks from the bottom. The object is etheric (airy), a concrete “leg” is the only connection with the ground. Particular levels are formed by green “landscape”, mutual landscape sliding creates self terraces, overlaps in the south “facade” improve screening. Unloaded beams with circular openings serve as creep trough. All the levels are open-space for children’s play. Each floor can be covered with full-length curtains along the plan perimeter. The garden situated on the highest storey is separated from the exterior only by a metal grid.
© 2009 Tomáš Král