033 >>> Revitalisation of a part of downtown area in Pilsen - „theatre terraces“
year >>> 2008
>>> public space + commercial
>>> sady Pětatřicátníků, Pilsen, CZ
>>> city of Pilsen
>>> Tomáš Král, Jiří Michálek, Růžena Vicherová / KB Král s.r.o.
>>> Klára Cílková / SVSMP, Lucie Poslední
(my) position
>>> team leader
site area
>>> 10 000 m2
>>> 04 / 2008 - 10 / 2008 detailed study
>>> ongoing

The design links to the successive reconstruction of the “ring” of city gardens in its southwest section. The area as a complex is under monument preservation. The “J. K. Tyl” Theatre, a dominating feature of this place, is rotated in the ground plan to 45 degrees against the right – angled grid of the City Centre. The spatial situation of the theatre in the gardens is inspirational in regard to composition. We apply the analogy with a jewel-pendant on a necklace. The theatre is a valuable “jewel” hung on a “necklace” of gardens. However, this principle is not “working” nowadays. The ring principle of the gardens is broken by the north-south transit highway „Klatovská třída“- this cannot be overridden! We want to retrieve the “jewel” approach.
A reconstruction of the theatre and built up large annexes (first of all underground) for functional needs of theatre was executed in the eighties. The parterre lay up and terrain adjustment corresponding to the period were realized as well. The appearance of city gardens has been stabilized since the break of 19th and 20th centuries.
At the very beginning of the project process we proposed several concepts. The main intention was the development of the principle “jewel on a necklace”. We accepted the Monuments Preservation Authorities demand to give the theatre the position as „a building in a garden“. The entry proposals were still not well accepted by monument preservation staff.
The basic conception of the solution is based on gravel–stone like shapes, an amoebic form of cells. This transferred principle links to the historical treatment of the city gardens, where in a way “free form” green surfaces occur. The proposal is led by an effort to create a released and relaxed ambient of garden at the boundary with “Klatovská třída” transit road.
We put green amoeba into the north wedge with three slight mounds. Another small “amoeba” is proposed by the east theatre extension. We propose two lanes.The fundamental step is aggrandising (!) of the current terrace on top of the “eighties” extension. This act allows purposeful use of the lower storey for services related to the ticket office and at the same time usage of its own terrace free of useless railings and other items. We have designed a large gentle stairway to the proposed café terrace.We propose a lightweight café pavillion at the terrace in contrast to the solid „socle“ (at the height level of the current service annex). The treatment of the pavillion should be as subtle as possible to evoke a garden atmosphere.

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